The Important Elements Of A Belt Conveyor

The Important Elements Of A Belt Conveyor

A Belt Conveyor is a simple machine that is used to transport bulk material from one place to another over short distances. It is used in various industries such as food industry, mining industry, chemical industry, fertilizer industry etc. Belt Conveyors are highly durable in nature and has a long service life as well. They have attained a chief position in transporting bulk materials due to a number of advantages such as cost effective, reliable, reduction of manual labor etc.

A Belt Conveyor consists of an endless belt made up of strong material that is connected between two pulleys. It is moved by rotating one of the two pulleys by an electric motor. Belt Conveyors consists of an aluminum profile conveyor belt supports, motor bracket, counter bearings, pulleys, clamping straps etc. The upper side of a Belt Conveyor is called the carrying side and the opposite side is called return side. Both of them are supported by idlers. Some designs of Belt Conveyors have a stationery runway instead of idlers. Also in some special installations, both the upper as well as the lower side transports the load simultaneously in opposite directions. There is a belt cleaner also that is located near to the driving pulley and it removes materials that adhere to the outer belt. A Belt Conveyor used also on the belt which protects the belts carcass against any damage. It is usually made up of rubber and it covers both top and bottom of a Belt Conveyor.

Belt conveyors is an easy machine and it can be operated by a worker without any hassle.

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