How Does A Belt Conveyor Works

How Does A Belt Conveyor Works

A Belt Conveyor type of Conveyor system that transports bulk materials from one place to another. It is a framework that comprises of at least two pulleys and an unending circle of a conveying medium. A Belt Conveyor can be straight, circular or curved and the belt is generally covered with a rubber sheet so that the Belt Conveyor doesn’t wear and tear easily. It created quite a revolution when it was first manufactured as because of it the workers now only needed to stand at one place and inspect the final product. Belt Conveyors are used in many industries such as Mining and Mineral Industry, Food Industry, Cement Industry, Forest Industry etc. Even airports use it for loading and unloading baggage. A Belt Conveyor system is highly beneficial for an industry and has many uses such as it reduces manual labor, is cost effective, is highly durable as well as reliable etc.

Belt Conveyors are designed in a way that they can be installed horizontally and even in an inclined way as per the requirements of the industry. Using a Belt Conveyor is simple and anyone can operate this machine without any hassle. Belt Conveyors immediately increases the productivity of the industry after installation. Also, the maintenance cost of a Belt Conveyor is minimal.

A Belt Conveyor consists over two or more pulleys and has a continuous elongated belt. The belts are continuous wide strips and are generally made up of a layer of rubber so that the Belt Conveyors remains durable for a long time. Also, the rubber layers give shape and structure to the belt and allow the materials to be transported carefully.

A Belt Conveyor works on the principle of friction. Due to the friction that is caused by the rollers and the belt, the Belt Conveyor moves forward or backward. The belt is attached in a loop and it is coupled to two or more wheels which are called rotors. The one side of the belt moves in one direction while the other moves in the opposite direction and this is caused by the turning motion of the rotor only.

In Belt Conveyor the word ‘Conveyor’ means to convey or send. The Belt Conveyors transmits the products or raw materials from one place to another and sometimes uses friction as well so as to hold the product at the same spot. A Belt Conveyor can be customized as per the needs of an industry and various turns and twists can also be added to it so that the Conveyor can turn easily.

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